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There are numerous websites offering information on Linux and open source software. However, these tend to be oriented to fields very different from the humanities or social sciences: business, mathematics, physical sciences, computer science...

While the software needs of teachers and researchers in the humanities are not always very complex, they are often very specific. Furthermore, these teachers and reseachers are often unaware of the very existence of open source software, and the potential uses of that software in their work.

More than just another source of information on Linux, I hope this site will serve to introduce a whole new group to the benefits and potential of open source software.

For the moment, I'm working on developing two main sections:

Software Guide

This is not intended as a general guide to open source software. Instead, it will offer detailed information on those applications most likely to interest those working in the humanities and social sciences. It assumes that most of these users have limited experience with open source software (and limited interest in the finer points of computing). Thus, it aims to provide users with the information necessary to get an open source desktop up and running, rather than overwhelm them with choices and possiblities.


This section will consist of a grab-bag of files and tips on using open source software in the preparation of academic papers, teaching materials, etc.

Obviously, much work remains to be done. I'm working on my own at the moment, so site development is very slow. Hopefully other interested parties will step forward to help.

Want to help? Contact me at swatt@users.sourceforge.net.

Updated 10 July 2002